SILVER LININGS: Paintings, Process and Poetry

April 1-May 13, 2021

Paintings by Katy Schneider and Poetry by Jim Armenti.

Katy Schneider and Jim Armenti began a collaboration at the beginning of the pandemic. Each day, Katy created a tiny exquisitely rendered painting of an object found in her home and emailed an image of the completed work to Jim. In return, he sent her a poem inspired by the painting. Their collaboration is still going!

Katy Schneider’s 400 and counting 3×4 inch paintings of everyday objects as well as a group of 6×6 inch paintings will be on view in the Main Galleries. A selection of Jim Armenti’s object inspired poetry will also be on display. Visitors will be invited to write poems to go with Schneider’s paintings in a Poetry Process Gallery.




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