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CLAY HAS ITS SAY: Narrative Ceramics

October 29—December 13, 2020

The medium of clay is a tremendously malleable and expressive material. This group of talented and inventive contemporary artists bring their vision and skill to the creation of stories and worlds for viewers to interpret and reflect upon.        – David Duddy, Curator

Artists featured in the exhibition include Marilyn Andrews, Bruce Barry, Ashley Benton, Ariel Bowman, Tim Christensen, Angela Cunningham, Holly Curcio, Rebecca Doughty, Lulu Fichter, Claudia Olds Goldie, Kathleen O’Hara, Andrea Scofield Olmstead, Francine Trearchis Ozereko, Frank Ozereko, and Jeanée Redmond.

Take a look at the virtual gallery, curator’s walkthrough, and virtual reception below!


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