The Main Gallery

Alfred DeCredico, Untitled, collage


June 20—August 11, 2019

Opening reception:
June 20, 6-8pm

unfoldingobject, n.

unfoldingobject, n.

1 a work of art, often layered or with grouped materials that reveals meaning and content slowly through connections

a.  visual, emotional, associative, and/or conceptual transformation in a work of art

2.   a work of art that resists instant legibility and unfolds over repeated looking

a. often a collage with multiple possible readings

1 + 1 = 3  One thing plus another thing equals a third thing. Collage is a celebration of retrofitted images and materials that together produce a transformation. From the use and alteration of found and appropriated materials to the fabrication of materials created for specific purposes, collage-based art encourages looking, wonder and invention for artists and viewers alike. Unfoldingobject showcases the art of 50 artists selected for the varying ways in which they couple and cobble together visual imagery. Unfoldingobject showcases collage work that “listens to the picture,” enfolds ideas and experiences into a cohesive whole, and reveals connections slowly over multiple viewings and extended looking—an exhibition of work that values “the slow read” and taking a second and third look.

Image Caption:

Alfred DeCredico, untitled, 1983, collage, 5.625 x 8.125 inches

photo credit: Todd Bartel