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  • Artist Will Kirkpatrick with the winning bidders of his work Betsy and Ethan Platt width:610;;height:480
  • Artists Cathy Garnett and Catherine Bartlett-Hirani width:640;;height:424
  • Artists Holly Harrison and Jim McManus width:640;;height:424
  • Contributing artist Bill Reedy and Darren End of Lowell width:640;;height:430
  • Contributing artist Emily Passman with Jordan Lovejoy of Concord width:640;;height:477
  • Dinny Mcintyre and Concord Art Board President Jeff Wieand width:606;;height:480
  • Event honorees Sue and Bill Maxfiled with Janice Battle width:640;;height:424
  • In front of her work Cycling in Charleston, artist Sonja Majstoravich and James Kelleher width:640;;height:436
  • Judy Bramhall and Julie O'Connor width:640;;height:424
  • Karen and Bill Roop of Concord width:585;;height:480
  • LaiSun Keane and Barbara Callahan, Event Chairs of Paint the Town 2015 width:640;;height:430
  • Ron and Holly Darzen with Kate James, Executive Director of Concord Art Association width:640;;height:424
  • Scott and Sharyl Stropkay with Jo Powell of Concord width:640;;height:424
  • Susie Baldwin with Pam and Colin Pease width:640;;height:424
  • Virginia Niles and Janice Battle width:640;;height:462
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