CIRCA 1900

Concord Art founder Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts purchases a home in Concord and settles into life in the community. Read more


Exhibition set up by EWR to raise funds for WWI relief in Belgium. EWR continues to raise money for the war effort by selling artwork for the next several years. Read more

MAY, 1916

2nd Annual Exhibition of Art at Town House, with works by Frank Benson, Edwin Dickinson, Aldro Hibbard Read more


EWR founds Concord Art Association for “the encouragement, promotion, advancement of art and art exhibitions” Read more


EWR Buys 18th century Jonathan Ball House on Lexington Road Read more

JULY 1, 1922

Ball House is renovated into Gallery with architectural plans by Lois Lilley Howe and opens as Concord Art Centre Read more


Concord Art Association is Incorporated with Daniel Chester French as the first President of the organization Read more

MAY 1923

7th Annual Exhibition is first held at Ball House featuring works by Sargent, Monet, Cassatt, Hassam, Henri, and Bellows. That summer, the Concord Art Centre welcomed 5,200 visitors.
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Death of EWR and Concord Art Centre/Ball House is left to the Concord Art Association Read more


Focus of exhibitions turns more towards local and regional artists and away from international. Read more


Model Aircraft Show to stimulate interest in scale models and educate the public in aircraft identification while World War II continued on. Read more


Navajo Indian Painting Exhibition opens at the galleries of the Concord Art Association. Read more


Along with its Spring Exhibition in 1966, Concord Art Association displays artifacts that were found during an early renovation.
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Two ton granite turtle by Robert Monti is installed on Concord Art Association grounds. Read more


Concord Art Association chooses Robert E. Grady’s “Concord Remembered” as the winning entry in a print competition to celebrate Concord’s 350th anniversary. Read more


A 24’ x 24’ workshop addition was added to the building, known as the Loring B. Coleman Room. This room is used both for exhibitions and classes. Read more


The north ell was demolished and replaced with a new 1½ story structure on the same footprint which provided additional space for offices, an elevator, and a kitchen. Read more


"Sight Specific: A Selection of American Perceptual Paintings" opens to feature more than 70 paintings from over 50 artists.
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Rebranding with new name Concord Center for the Visual Arts, or Concord Art. Read more