Exhibition Archives: 2020

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The Main Gallery

2020 Members Juried 1

Painting and Sculpture

January 16—February 9, 2020

Opening reception: January 16, 6-8PM

2020 Members Juried 2

Collage, Crafts, Drawing, Graphics, Mixed Media, Photography and Printmaking

February 20—July 1, 2020

Opening reception: February 20, 6-8PM



July 9—September 9, 2020

The Frances N. Roddy Annual Exhibition 2020

In-Person Exhibition Dates

September 25—October 22, 2020

The Members Gallery

Yvonne Lamothe and Tracey Maroni

Members Show

January 16—February 16, 2020

Opening reception: January 16, 6-8pm

Lizi Brown and Maria Michurina

Members' Exhibition

February 20—March 20, 2020

Opening reception: Feburary 20, 6-8PM

Tracy Spadafora and Claudia Ruiz Gustafson

Members Exhibition

March 26—April 26, 2020

Opening reception: March 26, 6-8PM