The Members Gallery


February 19, 2021


Paintings of Everyday Objects on 5 x 7-inch Aluminum Step Flashing

An Exhibition Fundraiser at Concord Art



an oil painting of a cup of black coffee and a cup of milk on a green plate with a dark blue background. accompanying poem reads:morning coffee, a reliable brew a daily ritual, a gift at dawn though I quit caffeine months ago, I still put my pot on and let the coffee drip - a forever friend, a comfort, a warmth in the pot I let go cold

Inspired by our upcoming April show—Silver Linings: Paintings, Process and Poetry by Katy Schneider and Jim Armenti—we are inviting our membership to collaborate with us on an exhibition fundraiser.
The idea is simple: You paint an everyday object (chair, thimble, boot, pine cone, orange, vacuum, the moon, a hat, you name it) on a 5 x 7-inch piece of aluminum flashing, and then you share the image with a poet or budding poet in your life. This poet (family or friend, child or adult) then writes a short poem inspired by your painting. Maybe it’s a haiku or a sonnet (or even a limerick) or maybe it’s free verse, just keep it short so we can easily exhibit the painting and poem together.
Painting: Milk by Ron Krouk
Poem: Morning Coffee by Marissa Cote
Thanks to our generous sponsors at Concord Lumber, flashing is available for FREE at Concord Art starting February 15. Submissions to The Painting + Poetry Project should be dropped off by March 21. Hanging hardware need not be attached.