Dunnvier & Dunn

Members Gallery

february 2-27, 2014
Space Between

Timothy Dunnbier
and Judy Dunn

opening reception
sunday, february 9, 2-4pm


At first glance, the work of Timothy Dunnbier or of Judy Dunn, would not be classified as landscape painting. And yet, the sense of place, of a space in time, however fleeting, exists in their work, and is a source of inspiration to both artists.

Dunnbier layers paint, and metaphorical references to landscape in his abstract paintings. In some of his recent work, he is incorporating sixteenth century landscape poetry, printed onto fragments of silk. The text becomes a part of the terrain of his image, becoming abstract components. The persistence, and the mutability of nature are part of it’s timeless appeal to artists, and it is the terrain with which Dunnbier is most comfortable exploring in his work. One may have the sense of space within the painting, yet there is no clear demarcation of land, sky or water. There is light without the sun or moon. Dunnbier paints a place and a time that exists and can be occupied within the space of the painting.

Likewise, Dunn finds references to landscape in her representational oil paintings, that border on abstraction. The artist uses an extensive collection of ordinary materials to build a set. A few simple objects are used to create a new mystical terrain. Dunn carefully plays with light to illuminate her tablescapes turned landscape, and searches the terrain of her set to find the magical moments. There are moments of beauty all around us. Dunn is working to magnify and illuminate a few of them in unexpected places, so we can dwell in them a bit longer. Using oil paint, she achieves a luminosity and richness of color and light, that can make the surface of the painting seem to glow.