MJ1 Members Juried 2, Feb 23 – Mar 26, 2017, Juror: Randi Hopkins, Collage, Crafts, Drawing, Graphics, Mixed Media, Photography and Printmaking


MJ2 Members Juried 1 Painting & Sculpture, Jan 12 – Feb 1, 2017


Philip Pearlstein’s Lecture, June 28, 2014.
Just the Facts: Contemporary Perceptual Realist Painting


George Nick’s lecture, June 19, 2014.
Contemporary Realism: A Personal Perspective.


Jared Bowen’s (Open Studio, WGBH 2) interview with George Nick.


Mapping Concord by Luke Cogliano.


Creating a Legacy: Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts and the Concord Art Association.


Concord Art Association Today